Sunday, June 22, 2008


Playing with 3 sizes of lego
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Léon rediscovered our large box of Lego the other day. To save time I had simply thrown all the Lego I found after the house move into one large toy box. Léon took out some baby Lego (the large yellow bricks to the left of this picture), some toddler Lego (the tower he is holding) and some standard Lego (on the floor in front of the tower). As you can see, the standard bits do not fit on top of the toddler bits, and the toddler bits do not fit on top of the baby bits. After several attempts at fitting these on top, the usually placid child went into complete meltdown screaming and howling in the most distraught manner, finally pulling himself together just enough to exclaim You're making me very angry, you know to the Lego on the floor!

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The Scudder said...

Mother says ,.,.,. He's a sensitive wee soul .,., you shouldn't mix his bits ,.,.stopit !
However you should also know ,,, she's almost pissed ( she says ! )