Thursday, November 02, 2006


Poor Léon was back in hospital again this morning :-( After a full 24 hours in which he didn't pee, 5 days during which he only ate twice and exactly a week with a temperature of 38.5 my GP told me he needed his kidneys checked out, worried he had a problem that could lead to kidney failure and eventually the need for a kidney transplant. As usual a hot, dehydrated baby isn't too keen on giving a urine sample but when eventually he aimed at the floor I jumped in with a plastic bowl and finally got the sample the hospital has wanted for 3 weeks. An hour later lab reports said his kidneys were clear so today's diagnosis is a viral infection, an ear infection, a throat infection, and a sore tip on his penis requiring antibiotics. Any allergies? they asked - so I recounted the whole amoxicillin saga from the last week or two only to be told they thought it couldn't be that and therefore would prescribe it for him again, but of course I should bring him back to the casualty department if he happens to go into anaphylactic shock when I unscrew the bottle top - give me strength :-(

I'd better not buy that car just yet as I may yet lose my job given how much time I seem to be spending in the hospital instead of the office these days!


The Scudder said...

We really must TALK more petal ,.,.
He ate only twice in 5-days ?
An ear infection ?
A throat infection ?
A sore penis tip ?
Have I not been listening ????
Or are you trying to spare us more worry ??
If so please don't.

The Scudder said...

Now there's a thought ,.,.
Maybe the hospital service
( that's the NHS to you & me !) could use a Linguist ? We've so many foreigners using our NHS these days that they must need a good multi-lingual translater ,.,. and for sure it'd pay more than the nursing or doctoring staff !!