Saturday, November 18, 2006


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I was watching TV in the hotel in Latvia last weekend to see how much Latvian I could understand. We'd just come in because it was snowing outside. An ad came on the TV for personal loans from the Nordea Bank - they seemed to be suggesting you could take out a loan for home improvements citing an outdoor swimming pool as a good investment...huh? An outdoor swimming pool in Riga, Latvia. Brrrr.


The Scudder said...

Obviously your Latvian isn't as good as you thought !!

Phyl said...

I fear my Latvian is just fine.

Thomas Widmann said...

Would you have thought a year ago you'd ever say that? ;-)

Sebastian said...

Don't you think it could be a loan for a holiday to a warmer cuntry?
Funne though, did you realise, it's the "Danish"/Scandinavian Bank that made the ad?