Wednesday, August 30, 2006


As a parent I currently wonder if my whole life is teeth?
Léon currently has six - two bottom, four top. For a week now he has crawled up and down the kitchen for half an hour every evening whining and stopping periodically to gnaw on a finger. His 9am wakenings too have switched to 5 or 6am this last week. I guess we are about to get two more incisors on the bottom.
Marcel has the opposite problem. He has all eight adult incisors. Unfortunately though his face isn't adult-sized so the outer two incisors on top are growing behind the middle ones meaning he can't brush the surface so can't keep them clean. So while Pudge moaned this afternoon about the teeth that were growing in, I took Marcel to the dentist to have his canine milk teeth removed to make room for his incisors to move out from behind the front teeth. Now as a parent who has nagged for 9 years that their child should brush his teeth several times daily, and not consume excessive amounts of sweets, I have to say I feel like a bit of a shit when I then say - well done, your teeth are healthy, sparkling white and cavity-free so today we'll get the dentist to pull them out anyway! :-( I, myself, have never had a tooth out or a dental injection so I didn't even know what I was taking him to but Marcel was very brave and didn't complain once, although I somehow got conned out of £2 for bravery he said!
All's well that ends well.

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