Thursday, August 31, 2006


For some time I have been wondering whether Léon will say Marcel before Charlotte or Charlotte before Marcel and who will end up killing the other in the aftermath. I did not occur to me that he might address both together. The past 3 nights after the older kids have gone to bed Léon has looked around the room, suddenly noticed they are missing and then shouted 'GUYSH!' very loudly. This morning as I was getting everyone ready for school I suddenly became aware of myself - 'Guys get up!', 'Guys get dressed!', 'Guys, brush your teeth!' 'Come on guys, hurry up, we're late!' etcetc I hadn't realized quite how often I address them together as 'Guys!' rather than individually. So I started to watch Léon - this word 'Guysh' only gets used when both Marcel and Charlotte are missing, outside or upstairs, it is always shouted loudly, so I think we have a first word, and I think we also have a wee guy who has managed skilfully to avoid causing a major battle! :-)

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Thomas Widmann said...

Only problem is they'll never appreciate it if it's a word he only uses when they're away. :-(