Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I have tried to be pc, adult, modern, and all the rest over the past couple of weeks. That is to say as a Scottish UK citizen, I have listened to the English tell me during every football match in Germany how wonderful they are, how 1966 was a recent event (come on, I'm pushing 40 and it wasn't in my lifetime - in fact is there anyone below pensionable age old enough to remember seeing that match???) and so on without wincing but tonight that final straw, the one that breaks the camel's back, reared its ugly head. It was a prematch studio discussion called 'England's route to glory', or maybe 'England's path to glory' - I was too busy being sick in a bucket to hear correctly! ;-) It was a flowchart, complete with country flags explaining who England would meet in the last 16, the quarter final, the semi and of course the final if they came top of their group, sorry, wash my mouth out with soap, when England came top of their group. This was followed by the 2nd, unthinkable scenario, ie who they would meet if the only came second in their qualifying group. So for anyone who missed it, apparently the most likely scenario is that England will beat Argentina in the final but should their form slip, they will have to beat Brazil in the final. Of course bringing home the WorldCup is an inevitability. Please, don't make us listen to any more of this nonsense...

Wonder how long it would take to dig a large trench along the border and wait for it to fill with water so we could become an independent island???? Hmmmm might take the kids and their buckets and spades to the Borders this weekend.

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Thomas Widmann said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Just like an email that was sent to everybody at work by somebody in London: "I know that right across the Company, North [= Glasgow] and South [= London], everyone is behind Team England – [the leader of the distribution centre] is quite impressed with how tunefully Three Lions is sung in the warehouse [in Glasgow] – and we all hope Wayne is fit to take part." I really was offended by this email – even if they don't want to respect the Scots, at least they should realise that there are lots of foreigners working at HarperCollins!