Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Anyone who knows me has probably spent the past year listening to me moaning about file, and in particular photo corruption. For a long time I assumed hotmail was corrupting my files as people kept receiving my photos, which I had emailed using hotmail, in a corrupted state.

Since starting this Blog and using Flickr, however everything I try to upload to these two sites also corrupts. No one else I know using these two sites has this problem. The magnitude is as great as an 80% corruption rate :-(

It has been suggested it is my Norton antivirus system, however even disabling that I get the odd very slightly corrupt photo. Does anyone out there know how I can fix this problem completely, or why it occurs?


Thomas Widmann said...

Are you saying that photos get less corrupted without antivirus? That definitely seems to indicate there is some kind of connexion.

Sebastian said...

Hmm, they aren't corrupted on your computer? And BTW I've seem lot of fine pictures on flickr from you.
But what about using a Mac instead ;-)

Thomas Widmann said...

I asked my mate Niels, and he suggested it could be caused by spyware. But you've had the problem for ages, haven't you?