Monday, July 01, 2024

Coloured filters on B&W photos

I took this photo of Amaia the other week when we were down in Germany for the afternoon. It's very her; as you can see she becomes quite a walking freckle in the summer months. I suddenly remembered years ago when I still had an SLR camera rather than a DSLR that I used to carry around heavy piles of lens filters wherever I went so I could get the look I wanted in my photos. This was long before post-processing was invented. I'm sure without that heavy camera bag as my constant companion weighing me down through my adolescence I could have been at least 5cm taller! 

Whenever I was using monochrome film, I loved to play with reds and greens to bring out the contours of the clouds, or hide the blemishes people had on their skin.

Of course, these days the same can be done so much easier. So, I decided to see the difference between Amaia using an orange filter to minimise her freckles and a green one to maximise them. The effects were quite different, but fun all the same, especially as compared here side by side. 

The green one feels more authentically her.

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