Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Broken democracy - an update


What a fucking joke! My ballot paper finally drops through my door at 10:41 on 2/7. Next uplift from the post office in the next town is 7am on 3/7 and it needs to be in East Ren no later than 4/7. I think the chances of that are about as high as they are of Sunak getting a landslide majority… though I guess it depends how many other postal votes have been sabotaged. To make matters even worse, only mine has turned up today. Léon’s still waiting. So much for enjoying his first time voting. Democracy in the UK is completely broken.🤬

And it's not just an East Ren to Denmark issue. Charlotte is registered in Glasgow North and living in Central Madrid and as of lunch time today has not seen hide nor hair of hers yet either.

Just like in 2019, my right to vote in the UK GE is nothing but an empty promise.

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