Saturday, August 21, 2021

More Brexit delights

Charlotte finished her year in Madrid at the end of June and stayed on for a month to work as a private tutor. Having been confined to Madrid region because of Covid for the entirety of her stay, she wanted to see some of Spain once they relaxed the restrictions. To do so she decided to back-pack round the hostels of Spain alone for all of August (such a calm experience for me as her mum - sigh). 

Anyway, as always it's highlighting how shafted our kids are in comparison to the others still in the EU. Today for example, she decided to visit Real Alcázar, a wonderful palace in Seville. She had met some other students backpacking, so met up with a Dutch girl to go in. The Dutch girl was charged 6€ entrance. Charlotte, despite holding a French passport however, was charged 13.50€ entrance, as her student matriculation card was for a university outside the EU - Glasgow University. 

I so hope this generation rises up and revolts against all this crap in the coming years, rather than just putting up with being shit on from above.


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