Monday, June 18, 2018

World Cup sweep stake

Primary three have decided to do a world cup sweep stake and it's sooooo cute to watch. This time last week Amaia had never heard of a sweep stake, or of the fact that the world cup was on, but all that has changed since Wednesday. Amaia came home and announced that some sport thing was on and her teacher had pulled everyone's name out a hat and you didn't get to choose a team! She, of course, being a Danish national, had assumed she'd be assigned Denmark, so couldn't quite work out why SophieK had been given them! When asked who she got, she replied 'That P-place Charlotte has been to' - Panama, it turns out as that was the only P place we could think of that Charlotte had ever been to... She's so switched on, she seems to have managed to memorise who everyone has drawn, so we are no longer currently watching Panama-Belgium but rather me versus Max. The weekend saw Blair draw with Callum and Aayan draw with Mrs Aikenhead, etc.

Half way through the Panama match, I'm suspecting Amaia's interest in this tournament might be cut short at the group stage. Oh dear! I guess she can then go on to cheering on her friends.

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