Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Modern times

So I was sitting in the TV room reading to the youngest two, one on either side. Anna was on my left. She started twiddling my engagement and wedding rings around my finger. Then we had a surreal conversation that really makes you wonder how the kids of today's minds work.

Anna: Is this your wedding ring mummy?
Me: The flat one is my wedding ring, the one with the diamond is my engagement ring.
Anna: They're nice.
Me: Yes.
Anna: I guess they are a nice way to remember daddy.
Me: Well yes, but I live with daddy, so I don't need them to remember him by.
Anna: I know but they'd come in handy if say you ever ran away with another man and you wanted to remember daddy after you'd gone!
Me: I'm not planning on running anywhere Anna, I love daddy. (What a bizarre thought! Given I have been divorced, I know exactly how likely I'd be to want to wear my rings to remember an ex-partner!)
Anna: Well I guess they'd work if he got killed by a bus too!

Jeezo - what do the kids of today watch on the telly?!

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