Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Well who'd have believed it possible?

Sorting through my Amaia's 'first day at school' photos just now and having a wee trip down memory lane something struck me and surprised me. See if you too can spot it?

Marcel's first day at school (2002):

Charlotte's first day at school (2005): Disclaimer - I am 8 months pregnant, I am not a whale ;-)

Léon's first day at school (2010):

Anna's first day at school (2012):

Amaia's first day at school (2015):

It is a little hard to spot - I am apparently wearing the same skirt in the first and last photo! So it seems I change my house (and for that matter, my husband ;-) ) more often than I change the contents of my wardrobe! Hee hee!

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