Monday, September 23, 2013

There's a difference between...

Brita and Peter are visiting so the dinner table language is currently mainly Danish. Today Thomas was speaking rather animatedly about dieting to his father. He was saying something along the lines of There's a difference between a low carb diet and a protein-only diet... The differences were discussed at length. Charlotte looked awkward. I didn't pick up on it because I was following the conversation and I knew nothing dodgy had been said. This difference and that was underlined in a loud, jolly and animated fashion. Charlotte laughed nervously and whispered to me across the table: What are they saying about foreskin, mum? Although Lots can follow a usual Daddy to kiddie Danish discussion along the lines of 'Pass me the juice and we're having chicken with rice for dinner', she is less used to adult discussions and at the speed they were speaking, she was mishearing the Danish word for difference 'forskel' as 'foreskin'! I guess it must be confusing if you think all the adults at the table are shouting at each other about 'foreskin' in a somewhat blasé fashion over dinner!

Life's never dull in a multilingual, multicultural home!

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