Tuesday, July 13, 2010


With her siblings home from their 'stay home and watch the world cup' holiday with André, Anna has found a new love of football. She's been dribbling one of Charlotte's footballs around the garden all day wearing her Denmark strip. After spilling jam on it at 3pm she was distraught that she didn't have a second football strip to change into, sobbing inconsolably that her other T-shirts didn't have a number on them. I took my camera out to capture them all playing happily together after two weeks absence. I was particularly pleased with this photo.With the ball reaching up almost to her pudgy little thighs, it shows that for all her confidence and ability, Anna really is still a baby. She looks so unsteady and cute here in a way neither Lots nor Pudge look with the ball. I guess this will be one of the very last shots where Anna will look more like a baby than a big girl, so it'll represent a treasured moment snatched before she grows up some more.

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