Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I first started blogging years ago when my name was still Phyllis Gautier. I chose the domain name phyllisgautier.blogspot.com. I didn't have a crystal ball at that point so it seemed a fair enough choice! A few years later I was getting divorced, going by the name Buchanan, not sure whether I'd stay a Buchanan, become a Widmann, a Buchanan-Widmann or what so bought the domain name phylsblog.com as it was future-proof and a mere £5 or so a year.
I set it to re-register automatically. I changed my email address on all my google accounts but for some obscure reason the domain-name renewal service for google and blogger stuck with my old email address which I haven't used in years. So last week when it tried to renew my £5 subscription it emailed my old account to say my credit card details needed updating. Funnily enough I didn't find out till my dad went onto my site today to find out it was gone. An impostor was there staring out of the screen at me.
I tried various things then Thomas suggested it had maybe expired. I trawled my email for half an hour then tried accessing my old hotmail account and there was the email telling me my account was cancelled.
I tried to click to renew but there was no button. I read my way through every page of my google account, more than once being redirected to a sign-in page for an account I have never had - phyllis@phylsblog.com. Over and over I tried to reset the password for it.
By this time I'd managed to burn the batch of sweet potato and chicken I was making for Amaia for tomorrow, possibly destroying the pot in the process.
Three hours in I finally clicked something - I have no idea what that finally let me access the part of my account I needed to reorder - I was losing the will to live by then. I was relieved and thrilled to receive an email confirming Thanks for buying: Domain Registration Renewal phylsblog.com
I clicked on my blog in anticipation and up popped the impostor again. What now? I have no idea. Blogger lets me into my create new post page but I can't post it - so I'm ranting for no one here in the hope it somehow jumps back into life. I used to be quite good at computer-related things but this is beyond me - I've been going round and round like a puppy chasing its tail all night.
After wasting nearly four hours on spending £5 to not have my blog back, I am going to throw in the towel and sadly go to bed :-(
and I don't even have my man to cheer me up as he's off at Euralex growing our business empire - hopefully he'll get enough work to hire me my own private computing assistant as I'm obviously too stupid to fix this by myself!

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