Monday, March 15, 2010


We were sent a pretty Easter card by Thomas's mum. I have had a vague notion though, since we received it, that something was odd about it.
Suddenly today it struck me. It was the juxtaposition of snowdrops and Easter. To me in Scotland (with the obvious exception of this year) snowdrops are a January, or February at a pinch, flower. Easter is hyacinths, and maybe the tail end of the daffodil season, but definitely nothing to do with snowdrops!
It is funny how our climates are very slightly different despite the geographical proximity. After all the west Scotland is an area where you encounter dozens of palm trees - and I'm yet to bump into one of those in Denmark!


Trine said...

Does the card actually say who it's from? In Denmark we have this tradition of sending "gækkebreve". You don't write your names on it, but dot symbolizing the letters in the name. If the recipient guesses who it's from, the sender owes the recipient an easter egg. Otherwise it's the other way around.

Usually a "gækkebrev" is cut in paper and decorated with snowdrops like this:

Phyl said...

/no - you're right - it says from: ....../...../... We're assuming that means Farmor/Brita/Mor!