Friday, May 02, 2008


I was parked in ASDA car park yesterday in a Parent and Child bay. The stupidity of it got me really annoyed! Why? I don't have a problem given Charlotte has a booster seat, Léon has a child seat and Anna an infant seat. So if I park there I am unlikely to get a £60 ticket slapped on my windscreen. However, imagine Anna was my first child. I drive into the Parent and Child bay completely legitimately, and what do I see parked 3 metres from the bay? I see these wonderful parent-friendly trolleys. Great, no need to waken the little angel up, I'll just take out the infant seat.
I go round ASDA, I do my shopping and I come out to a fine stuck to my window because, by using their parent-friendly trolley, I remove from my car the evidence that I am a legitimate user of the space! How stupid is that? When I finish my trip round ASDA, the last thing I need is to then have to look for a traffic warden to show I do have a child with me, then no doubt to be told that they can't cancel the ticket, but I have to write in some kind of appeal. Especially as my frozen food sits thawing in my fancy baby-friendly/ or not-so-friendly trolley!
Oh and another thing - when is ASDA going to add pregnant woman on to the parent bay, as Tesco has? Personally, I always find carrying many heavy shopping bags to the far corner of the car park when I am 9 months pregnant and ineligible for this space much more tiring than nipping into ASDA unpregnant with Charlotte, when I do qualify because I have her booster seat along with me.
Get the logic sorted ASDA!

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The Scudder said...

Wasn't sure when I first read this if you had just gotten a £60 fine or were pregnant ,, or both !!
You trying to put me in an early grave ? ,.,. please, not before I've taken this Government pension money for at least 30 years ?