Friday, May 09, 2008


Léon at the beach
Originally uploaded by PhylB
I joined youtube ages ago but I never get round to uploading anything to it as Thomas either uploads things to his account, or I am simply never on that page. Over the last few weeks I have been meaning to try flickr's new video uploading facility. After my trip to the beach on Tuesday, I had taken a tiny clip of Léon and figured it was a perfect size to try. It worked fine and was available on my usual site for my usual audience without any hassles. I'll definitely use it for wee short clips in the future.


The Scudder said...

Seems you've not quite mastered this video clip stuff yet pet !

Phyl said...

I can see it on mozilla firefox but not on internet explorer so I guess flickr has a browser compatibility problem.

Phyl said...

Click here if you can't see it embedded.