Sunday, December 02, 2007


Mutton biryani
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Today Thomas and I decided to go for lunch at the little known Village Curry House in Glasgow's Nelson street. It isn't at all expensive but uses some of the freshest ingredients you can get and really is worth the detour. Better still, because it doesn't serve any alcohol, it compensates by making what has to be the yummiest mango smoothies in the West of Scotland. Every time we go there, I make a mental note to myself not to go to any other Indian restaurants ever again. Please remind me next time.

(By the way, the curry didn't work, so I'm away to make another cup of raspberry tea...) :-(


The Scudder said...

I've got rasberry ice cream if you think that might work !!

The Scudder said...

I missed out the "p" intentionally btw ,,, figure you have enough of them in a day !!