Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm so frustrated by this double-life! It started two weeks ago. I was meant to read 'On Chesil beach' for my book club so I bought it a few days before, knowing it was a fairly short novella so even with my scarily hectic life would only take a couple of my 1 hour bedtime slots. I read the first third in the house, then put it in a bag to bring to the flat and it disappeared into the black hole residing somewhere between NewtonMearns and Garnthill. For 2 whole weeks I looked for it perhaps an hour a day, hormonally stamping and growling more and more. Given it is only out in hard back, I couldn't afford to rebuy it, so eventually gave up and told my literary mates to go ahead without me last Wednesday. Yesterday, while searching in vain for Léon's jumper, what did I find wedged behind the car seat I had removed to use my car as a transit van, but a poly bag complete with On Chesil beach - bingo - too late for the group but I did want to hear what happened next!
Then there's the Internet problem - I can't blog there because we have no Internet so I have to try to remember anything I want to blog till the next time I am in the flat. Given a few of the things I considered blogging this weekend were kids-related (surprise surprise), I thought I'd take appropriate photos to upload today while I was in the flat. I brought the camera and sat down to upload them, only to realize that I have the camera here but the USB lead in the house - grrr again.

Finally, I did think it prudent to charge my mobile phone while I was here tonight given all viewers for the flat come in on that number. Can I find the charger? Of course not! Is it in the house? No idea! Will I ever sell the flat if my phone runs out of charge? Six weeks till D-day...where should I leave my bag once I pack for the hospital? These questions and many more will be answered on the next episode of Housesoap :-(


The Scudder said...

Time to empty the flat and move to the Mearns petal ,,At least then all your lost stuff will be in the one place :)

Thomas Widmann said...

That book isn't called On Chesil Beach, it's One Chisel each! ;-)