Tuesday, October 30, 2007


rainbow books
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Together, we have so many books, we decided for fun to try to shelf them by colour rather than topic or author. This was just a wee ten minute trial to see if it'd work- we'll now move them about to match the spectrum in order and shades. Obviously with so many black or white ones we can't achieve the effect everywhere but as we're likely to end up with a minimum of 6 or 7 different bookshelves around the house, we thought doing just the two large ones in the living room like that would be pretty!


Sebastian said...

Could'n it get a bit hard to find the books, if you like to read one of them later? Or do you two remember the books from color, nor authour or even title.

It could be fun to sort backwards alphabetically from authors name or booktitle too ;)

Phyl said...

I definitely have an almost photographic memory for what a book looks like, so colour works. When Thomas started sorting orange ones, I found myself thinking - what about that Bateman one I read 12 years ago etc!