Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It just has to be a male invention - I know that is a sexist comment but there really can't be any other explanation. For starters, guys can better aim anyway with their attachment than we can, should they need to give a urine sample, which of course they almost never do, but these have to be the biggest joke of pregnancy. The opening is less than a centimetre wide and every 2-4 weeks they want to check for protein in your urine as pre-eclampsia can lead to eclampsia which of course can be fatal. They need to check for life-threatening diabetes-related sugars too. So if all these things they are checking for are so damned important then why to they give you this ludicrous receptacle? You can't see your feet, let alone your knee-caps by 24 weeks, your arms are too short to fit round the bump and between your legs and still you are meant to aim at an opening less than a centimetre in width to provide a sample that could save yours or your baby's life - hahaha - someone has a mighty sick sense of humour!


The Scudder said...

A man would have solved the problem by now of course ,.,.
Use a bigger opening jug and then simply pour the required amount into the small recepticle at eye level ya daft woman !

Phyl said...

I don't have any sterile jugs and any jugs I do have about the house I tend to use for drinks so don't particularly want to pee in them - that wouldn't make me a very popular family member!