Saturday, February 29, 2020

Corona Street, Funen

Denmark is quite a big little country. Until Thursday it was doing OK on the Corona virus front with not a single case. We could see from how things were evolving that it was only a matter of time, of course.... But we're on Funen. Only half a million people live on Funen, compared to over 5.1 million between Zealand and Jutland. So when the news broke that number one had tested positive, we figured it wouldn't impact on our little lives.

It came as a shock when it turned out to be someone on Funen after all. News was released that the TV2 studio was in lock down after a worker had tested positive after an Italian skiing holiday. TV2? TV2! TV2 studio is in our street 😮 It's a long street - about 30km long and we're right in the middle but what're the chances? When the virus finally hits Scandinavia it starts out 15km down our street. 🙄

Here's a wee map just to prove it.

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