Saturday, April 06, 2019

Basement flats in Edinburgh

Having lived in the west end of Glasgow for many years, I thought I knew what basement flats looked like... These, in Hamilton Park Avenue, are fairly typical...

But this year Marcel has got himself a main door flat in Edinburgh, complete, he boasted, with private front garden. The first time I visited was at night, so I didn't notice the two 'holes' in his front garden, but last time I was over, they fascinated me enough that I had to have a photo. What a strange set up - both for the downstairs inhabitant, who can't be getting much light into their house, and to Marcel's flat - it just takes returning home at 3am a little drunk, and you could actually fall a metre or more into a hole in the garden and come face to face with your neighbour. I wonder who thought this was a good design!? One hearty laugh on that bench and you could end up literally six feet under!

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