Saturday, January 21, 2017


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I take countless photos every year of my kids and I'm always astounded at how seldom I manage to capture the difference between Anna's eyes. Unlike many people who can be described as heterochromic, Anna doesn't have two completely different-coloured eyes. Years ago I taught a boy in France who had one blue eye and one dark brown, but Anna's heterochromia stems more from proportions. Her right eye is about 70% green, 30% brown, the left is the opposite. It looks quite special in the correct light, but the fact that she wears glasses often hides it to all but those of us who know about it. I remember taking her to a swimming party once with her class, kids who've known her since she was three or four years old. Many remarked when she went into the pool with no glasses, that it was the first time they'd noticed the anomaly. I think she quite likes being different!

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