Friday, November 25, 2016

Misheard lyrics

I showed the kids Sunshine on Leith the other week - they all love musicals, they all love Edinburgh because their big brother lives there and the littler ones are definitely interested in the linguistic differences between Scottish and English. They couldn't really fail to be, given how often it is the main topic over dinner. And I for one needed a night off the nightmare that is Brexit - for sanity's sake I needed a happy, feel-good night off. Almost instantly Léon fell in love with the Proclaimers and started trying to work out how to play the songs from their greatest hits on his violin. He's taken the cd out to the car and has it on repeat. Unsurprisingly his favourite is I'm gonna be/500 miles . Today instead of playing it on his fiddle, he was singing it. It was then I realized he was actually singing:

But I would walk 500 miles 
And I would walk 500 more 
Just to beat the man who walks a thousand miles 
To fall down at your door

He must think it is some kind of race or competition between two different guys - maybe the twins!? It lends it a whole new meaning.

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