Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cute quotes

We've had some fantastic quotes this week from the little people so I thought I'd log them here for posterity.

After Marcel had been missing from the dinner table for several nights, Amaia finally noticed:
Amaia: Where's Marcel gone?
Me: T in the Park
Amaia: I thought he preferred coffee.
(She's obviously imagining her biggest brother serenely sitting on a gingham table cloth, his right pinkie raised, drinking tea from the finest china mug! I have my suspicions that was not what he was up to!)

Then we had Léon on Sunday morning. He comes down dressed in an Argentina football strip and the conversation continues:

Thomas: Are you supporting Argentina tonight then Léon? 
Léon: No, why? (Looking down) Oh! So is it Argentina that Germany's playing?

The boy's on the ball!

Following on from the World Cup theme, we had Thomas, ever the optimist, remarking that Copa Cabana beach was really quite similar to Largs! In your dreams!

And cute little Léon asking innocently if Scotland always used Hampden we we hosted the World Cup... Emmm, that's probably in your dreams too!

And finally Amaia enjoyed the final but was unimpressed with the trophy itself which she thought looked like a 'scrunched-up piece of wrapping paper!'

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